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A journey into the experimental music to enjoy new form of music.

12:00 am

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Hidden secrets of  your favorite VIP unveiled for you with some chilling beats and sounds.

7:00 am

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Stay up to date with the latest news about fashion, technology and music.

8:30 am

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Fun and rhythm with the latest grooves that will make you dance like a crazy all night long!

9:00 am

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The most amazing dj sets from the biggest clubs of the world are with you every night!

12:00 pm

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Son Cubano

Explore the latest trends from biggest fashion cities: Milan, Paris, London and New York.

5:00 pm

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Bailable Decembrina

News, jokes and rock music from the capital of the new trends: London.

9:00 pm

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Mejores exitos

With live artists from the studio the show will give you the real emotions of the acoustic music.

10:30 pm

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Pumping grooves at high speed for a fantastic night of party.

11:00 pm

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